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Sunbrella® is an acrylic UV-, mildew, stain and fade-resistant fabric that can withstand the unforgiving powers of extreme weather: sun, wind and rain. Made with industrial-grade materials, Sunbrella® fabrics last two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics, making them highly versatile for use either indoor or outdoor, including in maritime environments and awnings. From drapery to seats, upholstery and accessories, Sunbrella® fabrics are a great choice for any high-traffic and high-demand areas of your home, commercial space or maritime vessel.

To keep your Sunbrella® creations looking as good as new, you must maintain it. Lucky for you, at Rex Fabrics, we offer you all the accessories and products you need to extend the life of your Sunbrella® fabrics to its fullest. From multi-surface cleaners and fabric guards, to studs and thread, you can find all your Sunbrella® accessories and complements in our local store.

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