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Lanificio F.LLI Cerruti

Lanificio F.LLI Cerruti

Founded in the 60’s in Paris and headquartered in Biella, Italy, Cerruti fabrics bring you world-class style and luxury fabrics, ideal for a blazer or pants. To craft Cerruti fabrics, the expert clothiers use the pristine water from this region to wash and treat the wool imported from Australia and South Africa. Then, the craftsmen carefully treat them to develop flannel, tweeds, cashmere and butter muslin.

Cerruti fabrics are the perfect choice for soft, pristine suits, trousers and blazers that will help any gentleman dress to impress. The high quality of Cerruti fabrics is world renowned, making it one of the best cloths in the world, and we bring them straight to you in our local or online store. Visit us today to explore our Cerruti fabric collection, or schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experts to find the ideal fabric for your project.

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