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Swarovski Elements

Since 1895, Swarovski crystals have embellished designs and jewelry all across the globe. Originating in Austria, these premier crystals decorate jewelry, figurines, electronics and now: YOU! Bring a touch of classic elegance to any garment with our fine Swarovski flatback crystals and Swarovski rhinestones as accents to the most luscious fabrics.

Awaken the fashionista within you and light up the night with your evening gown or add a touch of class to your everyday blouse. Sparkle and shine just like a gorgeous piece of jewelry with Swarovski rhinestones. Visit our local store and discover the world of Swarovski accents for your garment and dazzle the world like the star you are. Call us to schedule a personalized consultation to find the perfect Swarovski flatback crystals and rhinestones for your project.

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