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Polyester Charmeuse

Rex Fabrics' Polyester Charmeuse Fabric is perfect for adding a light touch of luxury to any project! You'll love the smooth, lightweight feel, its wearability, and excellent durability. Not only is this material wrinkle-resistant but you'll be dazzled by its glossy shimmer, giving your projects an elegant and eye-catching look. It's ideal for lingerie and blouses but also for breathtaking evening wear.

With Rex Fabrics' Polyester Charmeuse Fabric, you no longer have to compromise between quality feels and lasting materials - now you can have them both! Our fabric is carefully crafted and performs spectacularly even when removed from the box. Plus there's no need to worry about excessive care—you can wash it in your regular washing machine cycle with cold water. Superb comfort without compromising craftsmanship! Treat yourself to luxurious apparel that looks as good as it feels - Rex Fabrics' Polyester Charmeuse Fabric!

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