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Mikado - Zibeline Solid Synthetic

Mikado fabrics are a luxurious type of silk that has a heavier weight, therefore a great choice if you want to give structure to a dress, however, it keeps you feeling cool and fresh. As silk, Mikado fabrics have a slight shine that makes any garment stand out as it subtly sparkles and glows as the light hits it. Command attention with your outfit and have all eyes on you as the Mikado silk makes your dress one of a kid.

As far as texture is concerned, Mikado silks a unique blend that makes this fabric soft to the touch, emoting lavish feelings. Mikado is ideal for any sexy night outfit, an evening gown, and even wedding dresses. To find the ideal Mikado fabric, come by our local store, or call ahead to schedule a personalized consultation and one of our experts will guide you through the lush world of Mikado silks.

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