Custom Made Shirts

Expertly Tailored to Fit Your Unique Needs

Rex Fabrics have taken it upon themselves to fulfill all your tailoring needs. We understand the need to stand out in the crowd and to have your own unique sense of fashion. Off-the-rack shirts don’t always have that perfect fit which someone with real style craves. Custom made shirts ooze sophistication and style. They are cut and shaped according to your exact measurements, giving an aura of perfection.  We are your one-stop-shop for the best quality fabrics, stitched to perfection by our experienced tailors, right down to the last thread.

Leave a Lasting Impression in Our 

Every body type is different and a badly fitted shirt can ruin your personality. The first impression a person makes should be worth remembering. With the perfect outfit, you can leave a great lasting impression. Custom made shirts are smart, comfortable, and stylish. They enhance your physical features and hide your imperfections. With Rex Fabrics, there is no need to compromise on your sense of style anymore. We provide you with the freedom of designing your own perfect shirt.
We have mastered the art of cutting and styling men’s shirts. Each stitch is done in perfection. The fabric quality is guaranteed. We at Rex Fabrics leave no stone unturned in giving our customers the best service. Getting custom made shirts was never this easy. We have ample design choices our clients can choose from. From the color, print, collar, and pocket design, everything in the shirts is customizable as per our clients. We offer personalized logos and monograms as well for that extra touch of class, your own personal signature style.

Change the way you dress, today.

Help Us Create That Perfect Fit 

Visit us at our outlet for a meeting with our head designer, who can help style that perfect shirt, designed exactly as per your requirements and tastes. The measurements of the shirts are personally taken by our expert staff, so there is no room for error. For a consultation with our experts, fill out the form on our website and we will get back to you. They can help guide you on what would look great on you according to your body type.

Let us join hands to give you your perfect fit.

To save time, we have options of collar designs, pockets shapes, and sizes, etc, on our website. You can check out our collection of swatches of the best quality cloth. You will find over a hundred prints in our collection, each better than the last, with the perfect color combinations and thread count. Many of our fabrics are ‘ Rex Exclusives’ and are perfect for that one-of-kind, personally monogrammed shirt.