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Brocades Home Decor

Brocades Home Decor

Brocade fabrics have made royalty look the part throughout time. Historically dressing and adorning the home of nobility from China and Japan to Greece and Italy, brocades are the perfect choice of fabric for formal or luxurious home décor projects. Discover our floral, metallic or nature-inspired designs that will make any upholstery or drapery project stand out decorated with the delicate gold- and silver-weaved brocades fabric. Made of 100% polyester, our brocades home décor collection features gorgeous fabrics made with the love your home deserves. Use these elegant brocade fabrics as a base for your projector as accents or accessories that will make everyone do a double take when they cross that threshold. Schedule a consultation with us to discover our world of brocaded fabric.
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